Friday, May 22, 2009

Papa has a Harley and it was so much fun. We thought that Sarah would scream but we were wrong, she didn't want to get off. They had so much fun and well Jeff wants one. I have to admit that it was a blast.
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Michael and Amy said...

So I ad stopped looking in on your blog because it had been so long since you updated it. I love all the pics I need you to send me a CD of the funeral ones and all SLC ones... I was so annoyed that we didn't go with you guys downtown but I was trying not to complain... you win some on lose some. I am sad that I am leaving before we were able to meet up again I will actually miss the south a lot but what do you do right? Love you!

Anonymous said...

Wow...wow...oh wow!!! haha...Tom with a Harley! That is classic! ;) That looked like fun...oh I miss my buffingtons and wheelers!!!sniff sniff! Come to Utah sometime! ;)

The Cox Family said...

Hey guys! We decided to go private, so send me your email address to occox@hotmail.com!